Good Shepherd Christian Preschool

Where Preschoolers learn to Read

When you enroll your child in our pre-school, you  can be confident that you are providing a head start for your child. Your child will receive a full educational program for the price of babysitting. Here's why. Our curriculum is a phonics-intensive program that teaches young children how to read. Children as young as thirty months begin learning the phonics alphabet twice a day. By the time our children have spent two and a half years (30 months to age six) in our Preschool, many are reading at a second-grade level. This is not always true, but it is true in a large number of cases. Some children read above a second-grade level. We teach young children:

  • How to read
  • Number recognition
  • Classical music appreciation                            
  • Simple art
  • Non-denominational Bible stories
  • A love of singing. (Group singing is something children truly love.)
  • Respect for adults: "Obey your parents the first time."
  • How to get along with other children
  • Respect for others and their property
  • General music literacy
  • Individual play and activity time

 We have four supervised play times. We open at 7:00 in the morning and close at 5:30pm